Upgrade the previous website to a WooCommerce WordPress site, utilizing clearer navigation and product organization, a design scheme that would attract their target market, and increase sales and discoverability on the web.


WordPress, Divi Theme, WooCommerce, Divi Body Commerce, Smart Slider 3, Canva, CSS

Project Description


Though the Original Pump-N-Seal® has been around a long time, its popularity waned and the new company owner wanted to reintroduce the product through a new, modern website – a big improvement over its predecessor. Using the Pump-N-Seal® logo for inspiration, and guided by the target audiences (homesteaders, RVers, boaters, and campers), we created an Americana-style design scheme showcasing the product’s ability to preserve good, wholesome food.

The site is now well-organized and loaded with professional photos, videos, and other elements all designed to grab the audience’s attention and convert site visits to sales. Not long after this site was finished, it drew the attention of QVC and several other product promoters. 

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