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About Michelle Wuesthoff

Over the past 15 years, Michelle has helped individuals, companies, and nonprofits improve their communication and connect better with their audiences through web development, graphic design, writing, and consulting. Armed with an eclectic variety of skills and talents, she launched Digidesign Co. in 2019 and offers her clients a wide array of services under the banner of digital design. She has a knack for understanding how to effectively create and communicate brand identity and leverage it to impact the desired target market.

What sets Michelle apart is her ability to see the heart and soul behind an organization and communicate it in a way that truly impacts their target audience. She has always been drawn to helping clients recognize their potential, develop their strengths, and activate them. Empathetic and conscientious, she brings a deep sense of purpose, strong values, emotional intelligence, and authenticity to every project she takes on.

Michelle received formal art training at the University of Hartford and the University of Connecticut, where she also holds a bachelor’s degree in Education. She has completed several web development “bootcamps” and regularly acquires new skills as technology advances. In addition to her work as a freelance designer and content writer, she is also a certified coach, a published author, and a writer for several online publications.

Outside her professional career, Michelle has traveled to Uganda seven times in ten years and developed two aid programs aimed at empowering women and orphans, one of which enabled hundreds of children to attend school. She designed the programs, implemented them, ran numerous fundraising campaigns, and marketed them to supporters in the U.S. Though she no longer plays an active role, Communities of Hope continues to thrive and remains one of her proudest accomplishments.

Michelle and her husband Mark are parents to four internationally adopted (adult) children, a biological son, a daughter-in-law, and two rescue dogs.

Now empty-nesters, Michelle and her husband reside in coastal South Carolina.

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With offices located in South Carolina and Connecticut, Digidesign Co. and Digiarks Digital Marketing serve not only New England and the Southeast, but we also have satisfied clients across the country and around the world.

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